Frequently Asked Questions

A: Staying hydrated after your massage will help to flush out any toxins that might have been released from your muscles. Water also helps muscles flex without pain, therefore staying hydrated can make the massage experience more comfortable you are a client who likes deeper pressure.

A: Definitely let your therapist know if you need the pressure adjusted throughout your massage! Communication between the client and therapist is key, and we want you to have a comfortable and enjoyable massage experience.

A: Yes it is normal to have occasional bruising after a massage, but make sure to let your therapist know if it becomes excessive.

A: While a massage can be intense at times, it should never be painful. Make sure to let your therapist know if you feel any pain during your session. A painful massage is a counterproductive massage.

A: This will vary based on each individual’s physical pain and day to day stress. Some clients prefer once a month, while others prefer once a week or every other week. You will see the most benefit from massage when you stay consistent.

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